Julie Scott

BaronianTrading.com and MagiciansRope.com were both created to help beginner, intermediate, and expert magicians advance their rope tricks by purchasing quality ropes.  I, myself, am a magician, and a member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle.  We are the only ones in the industry that supplies quality magician's ropes.

Below are some of our world renowned clients with images of our ropes in action....

Michael Finney - multiple award winner as well as Silver Lion Head award from Sigfreid & Roy - using BTC1
Mac King - Magician of the Year - Headliner at the Harrah's Las Vegas - using BTC1
Chris Randall - IBM 2015 Stage Magician of the Year - using BTC3 and BTC4
Jack Daniels - Australian Convention of Magicians Stage Competition - using BTC3 and BTC4
Whit "Pop" Haydn - Stage Magician of the Year - Parlor Magician of the Year - Close-Up Magician of the Year - using BTC4
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