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Q.  Which type of rope do you recommend?

A.  It all depends on what type of rope magic you will be using it for.  There are different variable, such has your hands, the routine, the venue, your audience, etc.  Everyone has their own need to find yours.  What we suggest is to get the sample pack to try the different ropes that we offer.  You would be getting 25 feet of each rope so you can try them and see what best works for your needs before you buy a spool.  If you're new to ropes, just go with the BTC1, its great for practice if you're going to continuously cut through them.

Q.  What rope is best for Tabary or Fiber Optics?

A.  We really get this question all the time.  Our suggestion is BTC3.  There are a lot of magicians that use the BTC3 for those routines.  BUT, as stated before, "Everyone has their own need to find yours."

Q.  Can I order rope in different lengths?

A.  No.  We only offer 25 foot packets or 100 meter spools.  The options you see in the drop down (200 meter or 400 meter) are just multiple spools.  200 meter option means you're getting 2 100 meter spools.

Q.  What is the difference between "with core" and "no core"?

A.  With core means that the rope has filler (core) inside (BTC1, BTC2, and newly added BTC5).  You can remove the core after you have cut the length you need.  The rope with core helps keep the rope look more solid and keep its form when making knots.  It also makes it easier to undo the knots.  Rope with no core does not have filler (BTC3 and BTC4).  Rope with no core tend to be more loose.

Q.  What rope does Michael Finney use?  Mac King?

A.  I get this asked a lot as well.  Michael Finney and Mac King both use BTC1.  They are both heavy users.  You can see them on "OUR STORY" link.

Q.  Do you offer colored rope like red, blue, orange, etc?

A.  Not at this time.  We currently have 5 types of rope.  If we were to add just 1 more color, we would have 10 types of rope and need double the space to hold inventory.  If we were to add 3 colors, then we would have 20 types of rope.  Every color we add would exponentially increase the need for space.  And there will always be someone that wants a color you don't have. 

Q.  Can I color the ropes myself?

A.  Funny you should ask.  Yes you can!

Here are the details of the rope dying one of our famous magicians recently did.  He dyed the BTC1 ropes.

The product used was  "RIT Dye Tint" Comes in several colors.

Dissolve a few tablespoons of the powder in a bucket of very hot water. Place the ropes in (4-6 at a time) and mix it around. The packet does say to leave the "fabric" in for 20-30mins but being that the ropes are such good cotton quality you can judge it with your eyes when the rope can't handle any more saturation. By this time it has absorbed all the color.  If you are dying rope with core, you may want to leave it in the bucket longer so the dye gets all the way to the core.


Remove it from the bucket and rinses it out in cold water until the water runs clear. Then its just a matter of leaving them outside to air dry or if you have a dryer you can also place it in the machine.


The pack that I have was a small bag around 1.5oz. I still have half a bag left. 2 table spoons was enough for me to do 15 pieces of  rope at around 6-10ft  each.

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